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ESTEEM! Where you been?

Where have I been? Wow. There isn’t a simple or short answer to that question. I’ve traveled, fallen in and out of love…with a couple ladies and, believe it or not, with the Love of My Life: HIP HOP. I’ve survived tornadoes, floods and earthquakes. I’ve been out of work for the longest time since I was eight years old. Made new friends, lost some old ones. Quit a squad, joined a squad…in a nutshell, THINGS DONE CHANGED. One thing hasn’t. I am forever the student. A student of LIFE. I’ve learned A LOT since my last posts. I will share some of my findings here. I’ve realized that all this “learnin” wasn’t for my sole benefit. It was for me and my people. I’m back. Laser Beam Third Eye, Golden Ears, Octopus Hands and Gazelle Feet. I’m a BEAST off his leash!


Vado: Large On The Streets

Lotta new dudes. All the time. (n) This dude, Vado is Cam’s protegee. He definitely represents that HARLEM SWAGGER. He’s got bars. (def. none) That Boss Of All Bosses jawn is worth a listen. This is Vado. I’d bump it for the beat alone.


New Jack Swing: Wiz Kalifa

Shit aint like when I was a youngun. Niccas strove to be different. No biting was allowed. Style and substance were the attributes of the appreciated artists of my era. Style was personal. If you were a nerd. You were a nerd. If you were a ladies man. You talked that ladies’ man talk. Shit just seemed more truthful. I’m ramblin. Wiz Kalifa. Pittsburgh, PA’s own. Taylor Gang, his clique. I like the youngun cause he makes no apologies for who he is. He doesn’t deny his influences and makes good MUSIC. Oh, make no mistake, it has a hiphopdaddy, meaning you know it’s HIPHOP when you hear it, no matter what the music backdrop is. The kid’s got a good ear for production. He’s got a good vocabulary and he’s got that good ole emcee genetic, braggadocio. I like when an emcee doesn’t give a fiduck and can say so interestingly. He does. He’s got his own thing going too. Lots of mixtapes and features to his credit. He’s INDEPENDENT too. SAY YEAH is probably the single most are familiar with. Don’t sleep on the young bull.


Independent Source of Light And Matter

sup, world? howya been? me? grindin. gettin it in like a horny teenager at a basement party. The subject today is INDEPENDENCE. Doing things yourself. For yourself. At times, by yourself. Me. I wanna be a multimedia mogul. Shit’s not easy. Gotta wear a lot of hats. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Case in point. I’ve been upgrading my workstation, piece by piece. Got the Mac poppin, yeah, finally making the transition from analog to digital. Got my eye on this lil AKAI midi keyboard that’ll bring everything together. I manned up (n) and worked an extra shift this weekend to get the bread to make that happen. Sheeeiiittt. I surpassed my goal by a yard. say WORD. My point. I ain’t sit back and blaze and daydream about it, I got up off my backpockets and GOT THAT BREAD UP! I apply this to any, every, and all of my dailies. This lil move is gonna enable me to have my mixtapes done by my mid-June deadline. I Self Lord Am Master of my own destiny. It begins with me. HERE FIRST.


Pushed To Act

I know. I know. It’s been a long time. No excuses. I’ve been busy. Plain and simple. I’m back now. Forgive me? Cool. There are several reasons why I’ve been gone for so long. Still chasing dreams. Still slaving at a Just Over Broke. You know, the life of a grown ass man chasing his childhood dreams. 1st rule as shown and proven by Betty Jean Haywood is: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A JOB. No way around . You need to have a source of income. Me and my JustOverBroke aint seein eye to eye right now, pushing me to act. Not act out and do something ignorant, but, act on making my dreams a reality. My man Con to da quence has a jawn called JOB SONG. I feel his sentiment. Ever known in your heart that your job is actually the one thing that’s in the way of you doing what you need to do? I’m taking my life back. I was pushed to act.



Sup, Peoples? Been away for a sec. Getting things in their proper perspective. It’s GOOD FRIDAY, the Friday before EASTER. HE rose on the THIRD DAY. Hung on Friday evening=>Saturday evening=>Sunday morning=1.5 days. You do the math. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Everything is GOOD though. Saw some old friends and made some new ones last night at my man J-Rok’s set. Peace to Cherie from LA and the twins; Karla and Tara, shouts to Dee Dee and her sis-in-law and the fellas.KNOW GOODERS were in the building! So in honor of HOMECOMING WEEKEND and EASTER, we gone let my man Starks articulate the sentiments.


Solo or Dolo or Delf or Self….

Here are my views on roommates if you are over the age of 30: DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on that, fam! I’ve got some roommate stories I could tell that I know would sound too crazy to be real. Suffice to say that back in the day, my man, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, the GURU of GANGSTARR, must’ve gone through some of the same shit. I’m moving into my own place this weekend.

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