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Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

wow. Can’t believe that it’s been nearly a year, and in that year, I’ve only posted two new posts. Damn. I have GOT to do better. We won’t even get into how INEXCUSABLE that shit is. pardon self. Moving on…sadly, on this blessed day of greenery partaking, 4/20, I must say Rest In Peace to Keith E Elam aka GURU of the famed, legendary, Golden Era tandem of him and DJ Premier; GANGSTARR. I could turn this into a history lesson for the unenlightened but time won’t permit AND IF you’re really a citizen of this HIP HOP UNIVERSE and call yourself a connoisseur, you already know his many contributions to the culture. If not… Do your research. It will be rewarding. Few have been as influential as GURU has been to me, personally. The early 90s was when I was just starting to get some knowledge of self and so much spiritual empowerment and nationalistic pride was infused in HIP HOP then that it was a truly beautiful time to be living and CONSCIOUS. I WAS/AM/ALWAYSWILLBE about that jewelry. GURU and Primo produced classic, timeless, quality material. Primo on the cuts and production, fuhgeddaboutit. GURU. That nicca, GURU. Raspy, monotone and loquacious. As an emcee who wasn’t very in love with his own recorded voice, I found comfort in knowing that that didn’t deter Baldhead Slick from stepping into the arena. Between his collaborative efforts and his own JAZZMATAZZ series of recordings, you have tons and tons and tons of jewels. INTERESTING NOTE: Gangstarr repped BROOKLYN heavy but neith GURU or PREMIER were from NEW YORK. Preem is from Texas and attended Prarie View A&M and GURU is from Massachusetts and attended MOREHOUSE. Two HBCU GRADUATES! Preem’s parents were educators and GURU’s pops was a judge. This speaks on behalf of my argument about the actual intelligence quotient and capacity needed to do THIS HIP HOP THING. I remember the summers of 1991 and 1992 because of how DAILY OPERATION and STEP INTO THE ARENA were the soundtracks of my young life. To this day, I still HAVE TO have those two cassettes, yep, that’s right, I said cassettes, in rotation on long road trips or extended stays from home. If you knew me back then and was bearing witness to my comeup, you knew me by the grey hardtop SUZUKI SAMAURAI and the HIP HOP that was always boomin in my, boomin in my, boomin in my jeep! Few knocked or KNOCK like those two albums. HARDBODY! I’m talmbout headnoddin, make that ugly face, camoflauge and timberland, phillie blunt muzak!!!!! aight, I’m startin to get teary-eyed over here….I LOVE a lot of things. People. beauty. freedom. creative expression and music. I feel like I’ve lost a teacher and mentor. I can’t front. I went off to college. Joined the Marines and basically became a LISTENER of HIPHOP music. GURU and GANGSTARR INSPIRED ME to become active in the culture and pick my pen back up. I never put it down again. As I put this one in the air, I want to give a sincere, heartfelt THANKS and PEACE, GOD to my man GIFTED, UNLIMITED, RHYMES UNIVERSAL. You did not die today, you acsended. My world is a better place because of your contribution and gift. ONE


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