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Funk Doctor Spot

DEF SQUAD representer, him and METH tag-team rhyme force, PPP member, Supaman Luva, and Funk Doctor Spot are all names and attributes of the Newark, New Jersey born Reggie Noble. REDMAN is one of my favorite MCs. Criminally underrated, Redman was ludicrous, raunchy and ILL waaaaay before we knew who Ludacris was. Not saying Luda bit Red’s style, I’m just saying that if you had to categorize styles, Funk Doc invented the hit you with the IRRELEVANT yet still rock your ass style. He burst on the scene as a member of the HIT SQUAD, which then housed him, DAS EFX,and K Solo. TIME FOR SUM AKSHUN was his first single and that shit still bangs till this day. Many remember it as it was the song that IRON MIKE TYSON had playing on his way to do damage in the ring. He’s released sevral albums since on the DEF JAM LABEL where he’s STILL signed. He was one of the HEADLINERS and him and METH served as the sparks of the HARD KNOCK LIFE tour. A REAL MC. He’s also done some acting, starring with co-d, METHOD MAN in their movie HOW HIGH and they even had a short-lived sitcom. Still grimy though. Do your homework. I have NEVER heard a Redman verse where I didn’t appreciate the wordplay, reference or delivery. Armed with a battle rapper’s cadence, he hits you with his flow and his wittiness takes it further. AND the nicca is funny. Punchlines for days. Check this: I shift with a clutch with the rough, examine my nuts, I don’t stop til I get enough. That’s just one of the many from one of my all time favorite songs, HOW HIGH? He MURKED that shit! Him and Meth went IN on that one. I’m a Method Man fan …but…Red must’ve taken a couple more pulls off of that el than Mef. There aren’t many MC s from back when shit was good that drop that I’ll even check for, REDMAN, I check for EVERY TIME. Before this post sounds like I’m D-RIDING, I’m not. I just give props to those who deserve it. He recently performed at Cat’s Cradle but due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to attend. DAMN. DAMN.DAMN. Word to Florida Evans. Anyway, if you ARE ALREADY DOWN WITH FUNK DOC, put one in the air for this one, if you’re new, get your LATE PASS and put one in the air, anyway! esteem


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