A HIP HOP CONNOISSEUR  is one who appreciates all the finer things that HIP HOP has to offer.  A connoisseur recognizes the elements of a delicious HIP HOP song. The beat. Has to make the head nod and or induce a euphoric feeling or helps one to zone out. The rhymes. Lyricism, delivery, content, the way an emcee rides the beat. Taste rating. This is  the rating system used to describe the music. Bland=not good, little or no originality or creativity. Mouth watering=everything you want in a HIP HOP song. A true connoisseur appreciates the effort that the emcee and producer/deejay have put into his or her said product. Here at HIP HOP CONNOISSEUR, we CARE about what the music sounds like and means. WE LIVE THIS SHIT, SON!!!! None of that fast food-like crap that the radio seems to play repeatedly. Raise your glass and propose a toast to all the HIP HOP CONNOISSEURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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