Guess Who’s Back…

Hopefully, you KNOW this instrumental. Guess Who’s Back. Scarface and Jay Z…and ME! Been gone for a minute, fam. I apologize. A lot of things have happened since last we chopped it up. NCATSU’s HOMECOMING was a success. I opted to stay in NC and do it in AGGIELAND. Besides…it’s been 20, count ’em, twenty looong years since I first set foot on that illustrious campus as a FRESHMAN. Twenty years later, all grown up and professional, I brought out the turntables and did my thing: Old School R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, just plain ol’ good music man. All day Friday and Saturday. Shouts out to everyone who purchased CDs and or came by the booth and vibed or just dropped by to say,” Man…you doing your thang!” Saw a lot of familiar faces, there are some faces I was hoping to see but didn’t, maybe next year.
On another note, I did make the move back to the Rocket City. Me and the Psta are sharing the barracks over at Friar Tuck and everything is copacetic. We in FULL GRIND MODE. I’m holdin down two gigs. RT and Connor’s. It’s a GET MONEY MOVEMENT, you aint know? Still haven’t hooked up with any breezies yet. Paper is the PRIORITY right now. I’m still doing my journalistic work over there at BRONX RAP DOT COM. Check me. I promise it won’t be so long until we talk again. Be on the lookout for some artwork I’ve been working on to appear as a series sometime in early 2009. Wanna give shouts to my cuzzo Reddog. My big brotha, BigShorty, SmokeyGuap, Khayr, Ridge, ZamZam, Dokk Savage, Capri, O Spunk and all the positive people of the universe! We set the record straight in 08, time to GRIND in 09. Grind HARDER, work smarter. Till the next time, hold your head and be good to yourself. esteem.


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