F*** What You Heard

Yeah, man. I'm on my 92 shit today. Diamond D and The Psychotic Neurotics: STUNTS, BLUNTS AND HIP HOP. Arguably one of the most consistent, creative, and timeless albums, EVER. Don't front. As a producer, Diamond gets it in with the best of them. As an emcee, he does his thing; nothing profound, but he rides the beat and he's witty. Combine those two attributes and you've got the recipe for a classic. I chose this song because it shows you Diamond's style. His cadence. His wordplay. The horns. The opening bassline. Hell, the Sadat X sample alone is worth 50 bucks. I don't know, just seems like more thought and creativity went into songs back then. Concepts. This was a conceptual album. This could turn into a lengthy entry if I went into detail and described each song so I won't. suffice to say that if you really want a piece of the GOLDEN ERA with all of its originality and grandeur, check for this one. It is worth way more than whatever you'll wind up paying for it. Note: It's hard to find in the US nowadays. You can download it. I have the cassette, case and all. That's great for me since I'm one of the only people in 2008 that's happy rocking mixtapes from back in the day,I also own the cd version, but, I digress. The album. It's almost like spending a day with Diamond, in his world of Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop. This shit got MAD run back in the day in the jeep and is making a strong comeback today. Yeah, I'll probably come back later and pull something else off of that album to talk about. Do yourself a favor and find this one. It gets the highest rating for a complete meal of music. Now...back to MY blunt!


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